Why haven't I received a token after applying?
After applying for a free token, please check your registered email inbox. If you can't find it there, please also check your spam folder. If you still haven't received it, please contact us at our service email [email protected]
How can I obtain a free token?
For first-time email account registrations, you will receive a one-week free trial along with 5 free points, which can be used for our "clothing change experience." Alternatively, you can earn free points by referring friends. If you're not a first-time registrant, follow our social media for chances to win free tokens ranging from 20 to 50 points in our periodic giveaway events. Don't miss out!


Why do I see TWD$600 instead of USD$19.99 when I select the package?
Due to differences in third-party payment systems and currency conversion, the page may not immediately display in USD. However, rest assured that the amount charged is consistent, and there won't be any overcharging or issues.
How do I cancel my subscription?
Our subscription is manual and doesn't auto-renew after your initial purchase. If you wish to continue, you'll need to resubscribe.


What difficulties might I encounter during operation?
1. Video - Face Swapping
[Custom Video Specifications] Ensure that the faces to be swapped in your custom video meet specific criteria. We recommend that the face to be swapped is clear and unobstructed in the first frame to avoid incomplete facial features or obstructions that could affect system recognition. Additionally, for optimal results, ensure a minimum resolution of 720p.
[Face Swapping Photo Specifications] Confirm that facial features are unobstructed, avoiding items like masks or thick strands of hair covering the face. Match the resolution as closely as possible to the video for the best face-swapping effect.
2. Image - Clothing Change
[Photo File Specifications] Optimal results are achieved when the entire body shape is clearly visible, avoiding heavy clothing or obstructions. Such factors can affect the effectiveness of image generation.
Moreover, glasses may also cause the result to flicker and disappear intermittently in the image, resulting in outcomes that may not meet expectations.
Can I perform video/image face swapping if my image material contains masks/mosaics?
Yes, you can perform face swapping even if your image material contains masks/mosaics. Here's how:
Go to [AI Image] > [着る / 脱ぐ] > Upload Image > Choose "inpaint" button > Inpaint and remove the mask / mosaic from the image > Generate the image.
After removing the mask/mosaic, proceed to our [Face Swap] feature, upload the generated image, and obtain the desired result.
If you have further questions or need detailed explanations, you can refer to our blog for more comprehensive information.


Will my account and content be protected?
Yes, we do not record any content related to the files you upload. Once the files are generated, only you can use and download them. Please note that ownership and usage rights of generated files belong solely to the user. We advise users to exercise caution in their usage. In the event of any copyright infringement or illegal use of generated files, our company will not intervene or take responsibility.


What is Grey's Secret Room?
Grey's Secret Room is a generative AI platform that harnesses cutting-edge AI technology to offer services such as image clothing change, clothes remover tool, image face swapping, video face swapping. Our mission is to provide a creative platform for intuitive and convenient AI usage in creation, design work, and entertainment.