How to Go from Mask to Face Swap Part 2: A Guide to the Latest Features (2/2) - Grey's Secret Room

Updated on 1 month ago

Demonstrating the Integrated Capabilities of New Features

In the previous installment, we explored how our video and photo face swap features operate. In this article – the follow-up to the previous piece – we'll delve into practical examples of how to effectively utilize different features, specifically, mask/mosaic face swapping! Often, facial obstructions such as masks or mosaics can hinder effective face swapping. By leveraging the new AI-inPaint and Faceswap Image features, achieving face swaps even with facial obstructions becomes feasible.

Let's dive into how to use our platform to seamlessly transition "from masked imagery to facial swaps"!

Using [ Dress / AI-inPaint ] to Remove Masks/Mosaics

  • Access Clothes Remaker:
    Dress: Upload your image.

  • Select the Style:
     Click on [Customize] to freely customize your image.

  • Utilize Clothing Range Selection:
     Choose the brush option (InPaint function) to brush over the areas you wish to repair, such as masks or mosaics. After brushing, describe the features you want to generate in the text box below for better alignment with your imagination.